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Domain Owners

Registrants wishing to use privacy services must first create a free WHOIS profile. Once you have created a WHOIS profile, you will get a unique handle. This handle can then be used in place of manually entering WHOIS details.

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Domain Registrars

Registrars wishing to implement 3rd party WHOIS services managed by should contact us for details on how to add WHOIS management services.

There is a small one-time setup fee for this service, but no ongoing fees thereafter.

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Domain Privacy Is On

Protect your identity

By concealing your actual name and address, identity thieves are not able to see your actual identity.

Stop domain-related spam

Your WHOIS email is an email proxy address. Your actual email address is not visible.

Thwart harassers & stalkers

Your information is sealed from the public eye.

End data mining

Many WHOIS databases are routinely scraped for data.

Maintain personal and family privacy

Since your identity is concealed, the identity of relatives of the registrant are also private.

Prevent your domain from being hijacked

With WHOIS privacy, a potential domain thief is less likely to attempt to impersonate the registrant.

Shield legitimate business endeavors

Prevent unwanted visits to your office or place of work.

Voice political and First Amendment speech

Voice political and First Amendment speech